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Dryer Vent Wizard service technicians are particularly educated and experienced in all elements of dryer vent installation. Whether your case involves new dryer vent installation or the need to switch out an aged, ineffective or hazardous dryer vent system, we supply first class and expert dryer vent installation using modern components that comply with current safety requirements.

Here are some Rules for Proper Dryer Vent Installation:

Never use Foil or Vinyl Vents:

• These could be a fire danger.
• The rough interior allows more lint build up.
• They can quickly be broken, lacerated or split during cleaning.
• If a dryer fire should happen the plastic or vinyl provides fuel to allow flames to spread swiftly.
• Flexible foil vents can become smashed behind the dryer to constrict airflow.
• Vents of inferior material can hang with low spots which enable water and lint to accumulate.

Never Use PVC Vents:

• These can also lead to a fire hazard.
• Static in PVC venting can permit lint to adhere to the inside of the vent walls, which can combine with the expelled water during a typical dry cycle, developing sludge and a higher risk of a fire.
• PVC can sweat when warm moist air travels through the cool smooth surface which can allow lint to collect and solidify and, successively, make cleanings more difficult.
• It takes longer for PVC to heat up so water can remain in a vapor form within the duct and merge with lint build-up to create sludge inside the vent.

Only use Rigid Metal Venting:

• This is code certified material for dryer vents.
• The smooth interior finish will enable lint to pass through easily to reduce accumulation.
• It is rated the safest for containing a spark from inside the dryer to prevent flames from spreading.

Professional Dryer Vent Installation:

Professional dryer vent installation by dryer vent service technicians with Dryer Vent Wizard will ensure that vent materials are in compliance with the guidelines and requirements proposed by one or more of the following authorities: IRC (International Residential Code), Underwriters Laboratory, dryer manufacturers, Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Fire Protection Association, and/or International Mechanical Code IMC.

Our specialists have the expertise and education needed to correctly carry out dryer vent installation in any home. Request an appointment online or call 888-676-6142 today to arrange a thorough dryer vent inspection and analysis.